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TODAY is the day to Change Your Dream... so you can Change Your Life! 

Change Your Dream, Change Your Life, LLC is a coaching and consulting company that focuses on the development of direct sellers and network marketers.  We provide coaching on the fundamentals of building a home-based business using a proven accelerated success cycle.

CYDCYL,LLC was founded by two individuals Evertrue Bell and Donna Reid-Mitchell, who both have a passion for helping those who want to accelerate their personal success by becoming exceptional leaders.  They provide individual and group coaching on how to accelerate results by focusing on the three "Ps" of network marketing.  The focus is on the importance of developing a solid home-based business with consumable "products", strategies on how to develop a team of high performing leaders, "the right people", which will lead to residual "profits" for years into the future.

Their simple but groundbreaking coaching and self-development training has set a new standard on how today's direct sellers and network marketer can achieve success faster than they ever thought possible.
CYDCYL, LLC prides itself on being pioneers in introducing sales planning strategies that accelerate performance through professional coaching using structured workshops, teleconferences, rallies, retreats and accelerated success hour sessions. Award Winning Support


Evertrue Bell, a former high school teacher, has spent the last 30 years in direct sales and 17 of those years helping Avon Products, Inc. launch their Global Network Marketing strategy.  She has coached and trained independent and corporate salespeople, managers and business owners all over the US, Canada and the Caribbean.  She moved rapidly through the ranks of the worldís largest direct sales company. 

Evertrue started in the industry as an Independent Representative, moving up to Division Sales Manager with four divisions across the US that averaged $35 million in annual net sales each, while achieving World Sales Leader status three times.  After experiencing success at the highest level, Evertrue moved into Avonís Corporate Training and Development Department and from there into a national role as the first field sales coach for Avonís Network Marketing Division. Evertrue spent her last six years working out of Avon Products, Inc. corporate office in midtown New York, where she played a major role in the expansion of Avonís Network Marketing strategy, globally. Her last assignment with Avon was as the US Senior Manager of Global Branding and Communications.  The global assignment was an exciting and unprecedented opportunity to assist Avon in their efforts to globalize Avonís Independent Contractors earning opportunity in 145 countries around the world. Evertrue received her degree from Lincoln University and her network marketing certification from the University of Chicago under the tutelage of Professor Charles King, Tim Sales, Sandy Elsberg, Mark and Rene Yarnell.

cydcylDonna Reid-Mitchell is a former licensed cosmetologist who also worked at Soft-Sheen Carson Products as a technical educator in the Caribbean.   Donna accelerated her personal performance to become a top network marketer where she advanced her earning to the highest level in her organization in twenty short months.
Today, Donna continues to hold the international record for developing the most business builders in one unit in a 90-day period.  Avon Products, Inc. recognized Donna as one of the 2007 Women of Enterprise recipients.  She was selected out of the 600,000 Representatives in the US for this prestigious honor based on her exceptional results as a network marketing leader.

Donna has strong presentation, telephone communications and coaching skills. She has the ability to inspire others to achieve beyond their imagination.  Donnas' stage presence is powerful and life changing for those who want to change their lives.  Her motivation is based on her "Accelerated Success" book that shares how Donna went from long hours on her feet as a hair stylist to a four million dollar home-based business in twenty short months.

You can read about Donnas' journey to success in her book, Accelerated Success, released in August 2008.  Click here to learn more. 

Changing Lives One at a Time

Evertrue and Donna have coached and trained thousands of direct sellers and network marketing independent distributors, dealers and leaders, internationally.  

Our company provides motivation, inspiration, self-esteem building retreats, and personal and professional coaching and training for individuals, companies and organizations.

CYDCYL, LLC is one of the nations leading authorities in understanding and stimulating Independent Contractors who are seeking business building skills that can lead to six-figure earnings at an accelerated pace.  CYDCYL,LLC will customize the training to meet your needs whether to teach, inspire, coach and push if needed to help you and your organization achieve unprecedented heights.

Both Evertrue and Donna have been featured or quoted in several national and international business publications including:

- Accelerated Success
Empowering Women
- Networking Times
- Network Marketing Today
- Wave 4

- The New Entrepreneurial
- Direct Selling News


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